Traffic Solicitor Southend

traffic solicitor southendWe are Southend’s leading traffic solicitors with over 100 years of combined legal experience. Our team is on hand to offer expert advice on all traffic associated matters and we consider all cases, no matter what your personal circumstances may be. At any time, day or night, you can get in touch with your personally appointed solicitor online or by telephone for a confidential discussion and experience our outstanding customer service standards.

We are Southend’s traffic offence specialists

Throughout Southend, VoiceLegal has gained industry-wide recognition and we have previously represented clients in prosecutions linked to large companies such as the Royal Mail and Trading Standards. Fully equipped to manage any case, regardless of size or complexity, our road and traffic solicitors are committed to reducing your sentence or getting your case dropped if at all possible. Each of our trained and certified legal professionals adheres to strict confidential guidelines and all services are carried out as required by law.

traffic Solicitor SouthendWhy appoint a VoiceLegal traffic solicitor?

Our business was established with the aim of providing businesses and individuals with one simple platform where they would be able to conveniently access lawyers at a leading provincial law firm, and since then we have successfully managed hundreds of cases. VoiceLegal’s country-wide expert team of trained solicitors operate online and throughout Southend, taking the time to really listen to you and understand your expectations. Your traffic solicitor will provide you with options, insights and the best possibilities available to you because we understand the importance of keeping your driving license. For clients charged with motoring or road traffic offences, our comprehensive, clear advice is available when they need it the most.

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Drink Driving Solicitor Southend

drink driving Solicitor SouthendDo you need a drink driving solicitor in Southend to defend your case? VoiceLegal’s lawyers specialise in drink and traffic related offences, providing clients nationwide with advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our legal representation is the best in the area and we work tirelessly to reduce your punishment, using the knowledge we have gained over the years to deliver positive results. From driving with excess alcohol and drunk in charge, to failure to provide a specimen (of breath, blood or urine) we are fully trained to handle any drink driving allegation against you so get in touch with our team to discuss your personal situation in confidence.

drink driving solicitor southendHow can a VoiceLegal drink driving solicitor help me?

For a first offence, drivers face a fine and a 12 month disqualification as a minimum penalty; one way to cut this time down by up to 25% is if the Court opt to offer a drink drive rehabilitation course, and the disqualification could be dropped altogether if ‘special reasons’ or significant procedural errors are found. It is our knowledge of these complex procedures that makes us Southend’s leading provincial law firm, with hundreds of cases successfully managed by our resourceful drink driving solicitors. Our primary focus is to keep your drink driving sentence to the absolute minimum, taking the time to listen to you and understand every aspect of your case in detail. Your friendly appointed lawyer is available to contact directly by phone or email so to benefit from our team’s well established expertise, talk to VoiceLegal about our drink driving solicitor services in Southend today!

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Speeding Ticket Solicitor Southend

Speeding Ticket Solicitor SouthendOur certified solicitors specialise in helping clients challenge speeding tickets, using 100 years of combined experience and knowledge of police enforcement technology to successfully fight your case. All cases are considered and we do everything in our power to minimise clients’ penalty points, persuade the court to reconsider disqualification or argue for an alternative to prosecution such as a speed awareness course.

Experienced legal professionals in Southend

In our many years of operation, we have gained industry-wide recognition for our professional services and our team is available to contact 24/7. VoiceLegal’s customer service is of an unbeatable standard as we work around the clock to deliver positive results. Confidentiality is guaranteed throughout your case and you will be in direct contact with your personally appointed lawyer whenever you contact us for advice.

Speeding Ticket Solicitor SouthendSouthend’s leading speeding ticket solicitors

We are a leading provincial law firm with a skilled team of speeding ticket solicitors, providing expert guidance to motorists who find themselves with a court summons or requisition. We understand that going to court can be a daunting process, so trust VoiceLegal’s qualified solicitors to guide you every step of the way. Keeping your license clean and in your possession is our goal. Depending on the severity of the road traffic offence, the punishment can vary greatly, however it is well worth keeping in mind that even if you are caught speeding you have the right to challenge the allegation. Prior to any court proceedings, we highly recommend speaking to a Voicelegal speeding ticket solicitor about the process, which can seem complicated to those unfamiliar with court cases.

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Litigation Service Essex

Litigation Service EssexWe truly care about getting positive results for our clients with our litigation service in Essex, calling upon our years of experience and knowledge to ensure that you are given the best possible advice. Our services are value for money and designed to reduce stress; no matter what your current circumstances may be, we will consider your case. We work tirelessly to resolve various private and commercial disputes, ranging from property litigation, debt recovery, landlord & tenant and claims against professional advisers, to insolvency, employment, construction and contentious probate.

Litigation and dispute resolution specialists

Litigation Service EssexWe are your number one choice for professional legal guidance since the VoiceLegal team has combined legal experience that spans more than a century. Over the years we have handled hundreds of cases with confidence and achieved positive outcomes for individuals and businesses alike. With so many systems and resources at our disposal, complex cases are not an issue for our certified solicitors and in order to resolve your dispute outside of the courts we may suggest a series of Mediation sessions with our trained mediators.

For the best litigation service in Essex, talk to the VoiceLegal team

Litigation Service EssexIf you choose to instruct a Voicelegal litigation lawyer, and we hope you do, you will benefit from our comprehensive, in-depth knowledge should you need us to fight your case in court. Our litigation service is the best in Essex because not only is it time and cost effective, we also take a realistic approach to our work and confidentiality is top priority. Our solicitors are independent, certified and incredibly resourceful, so get in touch with the team today!

Find out more about the litigation service we offer to businesses and individuals throughout Essex

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Litigation Service Benfleet

Litigation Service BenfleetGetting legal advice needn’t be daunting or expensive, in fact VoiceLegal ensure that your litigation service experience is as quick and simple as possible, to reduce stress. Our level of personal customer service and in-depth knowledge of litigation makes us your number one choice for legal advice in Benfleet. We provide support during potentially stressful times to businesses and individuals who are embroiled in any sort of dispute. This can be a private or commercial matter relating to property litigation, debt recovery, landlord & tenant, claims against professional advisers, insolvency, employment, construction or contentious probate.

Contact VoiceLegal for an expert litigation service

Litigation Service BenfleetFor alternative dispute resolution, there are no better lawyers to handle your case than the VoiceLegal solicitors as we have over 100 years of combined legal experience between us. As you may be aware, going to court is often a costly, time consuming and stressful endeavour, which is why we will work tirelessly to resolve your dispute outside of the courts. Our team will take the time to listen to you, identify your priorities and understand your expectations to make sure you get the most out of your time with us. As part of our litigation service, we assess your financial or commercial issues and keep you informed during the process. All cases are considered and confidentiality is our top priority: whatever your circumstances, rest assured that we have heard it all before, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance.

We are Benfleet’s leading provincial law firm

Litigation Service BenfleetOur friendly team of resourceful solicitors specialise in litigation and, since we operate online, we can offer country-wide support throughout England and Wales. We strive to excel your expectations and since VoiceLegal was established we have successfully handled hundreds of cases, representing clients in court and fighting their case with confidence and professionalism. As an accredited provider of litigation services, you can trust that we will handle your case with respect and work closely with you to achieve a positive result. We also work with clients in need of employment law solicitors, wills and estate services in Benfleet and many others. If you feel that we can be of service to you, please contact us either by calling 01702 238733 or sending your enquiry via email to

Litigation Service Billericay

Litigation Service BillericaySometimes it can feel as though the law is working against you and there is no one you can turn to for help. This is why VoiceLegal was established, to give people from all over the country a convenient way to access independent, certified solicitors from Billericay’s leading provincial law firm. We will help you resolve commercial or private disputes relating to property litigation, debt recovery, landlord & tenant, claims against professional advisers, insolvency, employment, construction and contentious probate. We also provide alternative dispute resolution so you are sure to find a service that suits your personal requirements.

Our certified solicitors are experienced litigation specialists

Litigation Service BillericayTaking a case to court can be expensive and stressful, which is why we do everything in our power to resolve conflict without needing to get a decision enforced by a judge. We will assess the financial and commercial issues at stake to better advise you on the legal position whilst keeping you informed throughout the process. Over the last 30 years in business we have gained incredible knowledge that gives us a serious advantage over other litigation service providers. Our services are cost effective, saving you a lot of time and stress; all cases are considered and since confidentiality is vitally important to us, you can rest assured that we will treat your case with respect whatever your circumstances may be. We offer solicitor services nationwide and our friendly team of resourceful litigation lawyers provide country-wide online support. By identifying your priorities and listening to what you have to say, we promise our clients the highest standards of service.

VoiceLegal offer outstanding legal advice to clients in Billericay

Litigation Service BillericayShould you need to go to court, we will represent you and fight your case, confident that our solicitors have all the required skills needed to deliver a positive outcome. We work tirelessly to assist clients and give advice on all aspects of litigation, dispersing the myth that seeking legal help is a daunting and costly experience. With VoiceLegal it is quite the contrary because our lawyers put their heart and soul into their work so that you get great value, realistic advice in relation to our litigation service in Billericay. To talk to a specialist today about any of services, including family mediation in Southend, simply call us on 01702 238733 or email

Litigation Service Southend

Litigation Service SouthendAs business solicitors we strongly believe that the law should work for you rather than against you. Whether you are involved in a commercial or private dispute, our resolution experts are here to offer helpful advice; we will take the time to fully understand your case and work closely with you towards the best possible outcome. By assessing the issues at stake, be they commercial or financial, we are able to advise you on the legal position and deliver positive results. We have experience of handling an array of disputes, covering everything from personal injury and insolvency to debt recovery and partnerships.

Southend’s number one choice for professional litigation services

Litigation Service SouthendOur litigation know-how is unrivalled and with over 30 years of experience we have the necessary skills to provide you with fast, cost-effective solutions. No matter how large or complex your case may be, trust the experts here at VoiceLegal to do all we can to resolve your dispute without needing to go to court. Clients are kept informed every step of the way and we take a flexible, realistic approach to our work. Our aim is to avoid protracted litigation because this is often costly and stressful. However, we will fight your case if the need arises, calling on our comprehensive resources and in-depth knowledge throughout the process.

Contact VoiceLegal, the litigation specialists!

Litigation Service SouthendWe are Southend’s leading provincial law firm and our company was established to give businesses and individuals the means to easily access a whole team of legal experts. Clients from all across the country now benefit from our excellent city service and since we have more than 100 years of combined legal know-how, hundreds of cases have been professionally handled by our team since we first started. VoiceLegal solicitors are trained, certified and accredited, adhering to strict confidentiality guidelines to ensure your privacy.

VoiceLegal offer a range of services, including wills & estate, and family mediation in Southend. We consider all cases and our enthusiastic team strive to excel your expectations, so for more information about our Litigation service in the Southend area please call 03333 053 774 or email

Wills and Estate Services Essex

Wills and Estate Services EssexVoiceLegal is fully accredited and certified to provide excellent Will and Estate services in Essex, promising clients a stress-free experience and high standards of customer service at all times. Our team has more than 100 years of combined legal experience and this incredible wealth of knowledge means we are perfectly placed to offer support and guidance throughout this sensitive and emotional process.

Our services are confidential, cost-effective and effective, since VoiceLegal lawyers will take the time to listen to you, identify your priorities and excel your expectations. We are here for you each step of the journey, regardless of your age or financial circumstances, and we strive to protect your wishes.

When should I use Wills and Estate services?

Wills and Estate Services EssexIt is never too early to make a Will, in fact the sooner the better! Being prepared and having everything planned out in advance will give you a real sense of satisfaction because once it is all complete, you can concentrate on living your life without having to constantly worry about what will happen to your personal effects. Having a valid Will, written with help from legal experts, removes the possibility of intestacy laws controlling how your estate is shared. If this were to be the case, your property may not go to the intended recipients and the circle of people who can benefit from your property is greatly reduced. Make the smart choice and let our trained solicitors help; using our Wills and Estate Services also has a positive impact on how much inheritance tax your friends and family have to pay.

VoiceLegal are Wills and Estate specialists

Wills and Estate Services EssexThe resourceful lawyers here at VoiceLegal have managed hundreds of cases in the past, helping clients with everything from inheritance tax planning and power of attorney, to public guardianship applications and trusts. As the leading provincial law firm in Essex, we offer a simple platform to individuals seeking legal advice from country-side expert who are able to operate online throughout England and Wales. Your case is handled professionally by our friendly, independent team and your personally appointed lawyer can be contacted directly online or by phone if you should need their assistance.

All cases are considered, so to talk to us about our Wills and Estate services in Essex:

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Wills and Estate Services Benfleet

Wills and Estate services BenfleetThe experienced team of lawyers here at VoiceLegal have been helping people in and around Benfleet to prepare and make their Wills for many years, with as little hassle and stress as possible. We recommend using our Wills and Estate services no matter how old you are and regardless of your financial circumstances, because it is better to make a Will early on to avoid issues further down the line. It is our belief that customer satisfaction is key and we will do all we can to ensure our clients take this important step with confidence and full understanding of the process.

What are the benefits of Wills and Estate services?

Wills and Estate Services BenfleetIf you do not seek legal advice and write a valid Will, you run the risk of having your estate being shared according to intestacy rules and your wishes may not be carried out. We want to help prevent this by working with you to make sure your property is received by the intended friends and family, in way that is easy to understand. As well as securing the future of your personal effects, leaving a Will can also reduce potential inheritance tax and give you a sense of comfort knowing you have done what is best for your loved ones.

VoiceLegal provide the best legal advice in Benfleet

Wills and Estate Services BenfleetAs Benfleet’s leading provincial law firm, we are able to assist with many elements of Wills and Estate with professionalism. Our areas of expertise include Inheritance Tax Planning, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Administration of Estates, Public Guardianship Applications and payment of rest home fees. Rather than putting it off and waiting until you are older or perhaps better off financially, seek legal advice from VoiceLegal today and benefit from our wisdom gained from successfully managing hundreds of cases over the past few years.

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Wills and Estate Services Billericay

We help clients of any age, regardless of their current financial circumstances, to make the best decisions in relation to Wills and Estate. With a range of professional services, designed to make the process of Will writing as simple and stress-free as possible, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction levels. No matter what, VoiceLegal are the leading providers of Wills and Estate Services Billericay.

Discover the benefits of our Wills and Estate services

Wills and Estate Services BillericayDuring such an emotional process, it is important to have a friendly, independent source of support available to contact directly should you require assistance. Rather than leaving the future of your property to chance by relying on the rules of intestacy, which can lead to the estate being shared in a way that is not approved by you, we strongly encourage clients to make a Will early in life to ensure your personal effects go to the intended recipients. There are many benefits, both to you and your loved ones, of making a Will, such as reducing potential inheritance tax for them and a giving you a real sense of satisfaction knowing you have done the best for everyone. Our solicitors have been trained to handle many different topics surrounding Wills and Estate, including power of attorney, inheritance tax planning and administration of estates.

Don’t wait, talk to Billericay’s Wills and Estate experts today!

Wills and Estate Services BillericayHaving a valid Will in place not only offers peace of mind, you can rely on the experienced team here at VoiceLegal to help simplify the rest of your life, free from the worry that your friends and family may not receive the property you had in mind for them. While it may be tempting to put off for as long as possible, due the sensitive and emotional nature of the process, we promise you will be a lot more relaxed once you have finished preparing and writing your Will. We are with you every step, offering legal advice that is great value and genuinely helpful.

To speak to certified, professional lawyers in Southend about Wills and Estate:

Please do not hesitate to contact us, either by emailing or calling us on 03333 053 774