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drink driving Solicitor SouthendDo you need a drink driving solicitor in Southend to defend your case? VoiceLegal’s lawyers specialise in drink and traffic related offences, providing clients nationwide with advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our legal representation is the best in the area and we work tirelessly to reduce your punishment, using the knowledge we have gained over the years to deliver positive results. From driving with excess alcohol and drunk in charge, to failure to provide a specimen (of breath, blood or urine) we are fully trained to handle any drink driving allegation against you so get in touch with our team to discuss your personal situation in confidence.

drink driving solicitor southendHow can a VoiceLegal drink driving solicitor help me?

For a first offence, drivers face a fine and a 12 month disqualification as a minimum penalty; one way to cut this time down by up to 25% is if the Court opt to offer a drink drive rehabilitation course, and the disqualification could be dropped altogether if ‘special reasons’ or significant procedural errors are found. It is our knowledge of these complex procedures that makes us Southend’s leading provincial law firm, with hundreds of cases successfully managed by our resourceful drink driving solicitors. Our primary focus is to keep your drink driving sentence to the absolute minimum, taking the time to listen to you and understand every aspect of your case in detail. Your friendly appointed lawyer is available to contact directly by phone or email so to benefit from our team’s well established expertise, talk to VoiceLegal about our drink driving solicitor services in Southend today!

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