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Speeding Ticket Solicitor SouthendOur certified solicitors specialise in helping clients challenge speeding tickets, using 100 years of combined experience and knowledge of police enforcement technology to successfully fight your case. All cases are considered and we do everything in our power to minimise clients’ penalty points, persuade the court to reconsider disqualification or argue for an alternative to prosecution such as a speed awareness course.

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In our many years of operation, we have gained industry-wide recognition for our professional services and our team is available to contact 24/7. VoiceLegal’s customer service is of an unbeatable standard as we work around the clock to deliver positive results. Confidentiality is guaranteed throughout your case and you will be in direct contact with your personally appointed lawyer whenever you contact us for advice.

Speeding Ticket Solicitor SouthendSouthend’s leading speeding ticket solicitors

We are a leading provincial law firm with a skilled team of speeding ticket solicitors, providing expert guidance to motorists who find themselves with a court summons or requisition. We understand that going to court can be a daunting process, so trust VoiceLegal’s qualified solicitors to guide you every step of the way. Keeping your license clean and in your possession is our goal. Depending on the severity of the road traffic offence, the punishment can vary greatly, however it is well worth keeping in mind that even if you are caught speeding you have the right to challenge the allegation. Prior to any court proceedings, we highly recommend speaking to a Voicelegal speeding ticket solicitor about the process, which can seem complicated to those unfamiliar with court cases.

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Either phone VoiceLegal on 01702 238733 to speak directly to our friendly team, or send an email to contact@voicelegal.co.uk and we will get back to you with a response shortly.