Litigation Service Billericay

Litigation Service BillericaySometimes it can feel as though the law is working against you and there is no one you can turn to for help. This is why VoiceLegal was established, to give people from all over the country a convenient way to access independent, certified solicitors from Billericay’s leading provincial law firm. We will help you resolve commercial or private disputes relating to property litigation, debt recovery, landlord & tenant, claims against professional advisers, insolvency, employment, construction and contentious probate. We also provide alternative dispute resolution so you are sure to find a service that suits your personal requirements.

Our certified solicitors are experienced litigation specialists

Litigation Service BillericayTaking a case to court can be expensive and stressful, which is why we do everything in our power to resolve conflict without needing to get a decision enforced by a judge. We will assess the financial and commercial issues at stake to better advise you on the legal position whilst keeping you informed throughout the process. Over the last 30 years in business we have gained incredible knowledge that gives us a serious advantage over other litigation service providers. Our services are cost effective, saving you a lot of time and stress; all cases are considered and since confidentiality is vitally important to us, you can rest assured that we will treat your case with respect whatever your circumstances may be. We offer solicitor services nationwide and our friendly team of resourceful litigation lawyers provide country-wide online support. By identifying your priorities and listening to what you have to say, we promise our clients the highest standards of service.

VoiceLegal offer outstanding legal advice to clients in Billericay

Litigation Service BillericayShould you need to go to court, we will represent you and fight your case, confident that our solicitors have all the required skills needed to deliver a positive outcome. We work tirelessly to assist clients and give advice on all aspects of litigation, dispersing the myth that seeking legal help is a daunting and costly experience. With VoiceLegal it is quite the contrary because our lawyers put their heart and soul into their work so that you get great value, realistic advice in relation to our litigation service in Billericay. To talk to a specialist today about any of services, including family mediation in Southend, simply call us on 01702 238733 or email