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We help clients of any age, regardless of their current financial circumstances, to make the best decisions in relation to Wills and Estate. With a range of professional services, designed to make the process of Will writing as simple and stress-free as possible, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction levels. No matter what, VoiceLegal are the leading providers of Wills and Estate Services Billericay.

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Wills and Estate Services BillericayDuring such an emotional process, it is important to have a friendly, independent source of support available to contact directly should you require assistance. Rather than leaving the future of your property to chance by relying on the rules of intestacy, which can lead to the estate being shared in a way that is not approved by you, we strongly encourage clients to make a Will early in life to ensure your personal effects go to the intended recipients. There are many benefits, both to you and your loved ones, of making a Will, such as reducing potential inheritance tax for them and a giving you a real sense of satisfaction knowing you have done the best for everyone. Our solicitors have been trained to handle many different topics surrounding Wills and Estate, including power of attorney, inheritance tax planning and administration of estates.

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Wills and Estate Services BillericayHaving a valid Will in place not only offers peace of mind, you can rely on the experienced team here at VoiceLegal to help simplify the rest of your life, free from the worry that your friends and family may not receive the property you had in mind for them. While it may be tempting to put off for as long as possible, due the sensitive and emotional nature of the process, we promise you will be a lot more relaxed once you have finished preparing and writing your Will. We are with you every step, offering legal advice that is great value and genuinely helpful.

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