Do You Own A Leasehold Property?

If you are running into issues when trying to sell your property, simply because you have a low remaining lease term, our team is here to offer guidance.

penThere are a few options available to you, the first being informal negotiations with the landlord to extend your lease term. However, you will find that there aren’t any set rules in place, meaning that the landlord can choose to refuse or set their own terms as they see fit.

Alternatively, you can choose to take the statutory route; this involves serving the Tenants Notice, which by right adds an additional 90 years on to what remains of the existing lease at a ‘peppercorn rent’.

Professional Lease Property Advice

helpGetting a lease extension can be time consuming process, so for those in need of a faster sale, arrangements can be made with the buyer where you agree to serve the Tenants Notice upon completion. By doing so, this assigns the benefit over to the buyer, bypassing the standard 2 year waiting period to qualify themselves.

VoiceLegal highly recommend appointing a valuer and solicitor, with the relevant knowledge, to help achieve a successful application.

VoiceLegal Are Lease Property Specialists

scalesWe have a team of certified legal professionals on hand to offer advice on a range of property matters and we provide country-wide support to clients throughout England and Wales.

Confidentiality is guaranteed when you speak to the staff here at VoiceLegal and since we do not operate a call centre approach to communication, clients are able to make direct contact with our independent, friendly solicitors by phone or email.

VoiceLegal has combined legal experience that spans more than a century, with every one of us being trained and certified to carry out services as required by law.


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Road Traffic Solicitor, Basildon

From speeding offences to drink driving and everything in between, Voicelegal are Basildon’s number one choice for professional legal advice.

Why Choose VoiceLegal Road Traffic Solicitors?

shutterstock_271231631 (2)We have more than 100 years of combined experience defending motorists and offering confidential help to our clients, in Basildon and the surrounding areas. We have gained industry wide recognition for the outstanding work carried out by our team of dedicated, certified solicitors and we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service at all times.

Experienced Lawyers

helpIn the past we have represented clients in Royal Mail and Trading Standards prosecutions so we are fully equipped to deal with any case we are faced with. VoiceLegal are also able to assist with judicial review cases and appeals, with a range of expert services available for both businesses and individuals. We are a leading provincial law firm and you can get in direct contact with your own personal lawyer at any time, by phone or email, as they will be appointed specifically to manage your case.

Our Road Traffic Solicitors Are Here To Help!

penSince we completely understand the importance of keeping your driving licence, we are committed to doing our very best when it comes to representation and having the strongest plea in court. There are many criminal offences that we can help you with, including attendance at the police station and written submission preparation. The thought of disqualification or losing your licence because of having too many points is a daunting one, as the result can seriously affect your future. This is why our lawyers work so hard to achieve minimum penalties and save your licence from being taken away.

Road Traffic Offence Specialists

Voicelegal are the finest lawyers in Basildon, providing friendly, impartial and confidential advice around the clock!

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Road Traffic Solicitor, Wickford

If you need a lawyer who specialises in road traffic offences, Voicelegal is here to provide expert advice and help no matter what your situation may be.

Why Contact A VoiceLegal Road Traffic Solicitor?

scalesFor many years we have been offering Wickford a wide range of excellent services and we have been recognised as a leading provincial law firm that works tirelessly to get the best possible results for our clients. Our trained and certified professionals are available to contact directly, 24 hours a day by phone or email.

Lawyers With Years Of Experience

help100 years of combined industry experience has furnished us with unrivalled knowledge that we pass onto our clients in order to deliver effective solutions. Previously we have represented clients in cases involving large businesses such as the Royal Mail and Trading Standards meaning that we are more than capable of dealing with any case, no matter how complex. Voicelegal provide a variety of legal services for businesses and individuals, including assistance with appeals and judicial review cases.

Get Advice From Highly Trained Road Traffic Solicitors!

shutterstock_271231631 (2)Once you have made the decision to instruct us, your appointed lawyer will personally deal with your case, adhering to strict confidential guidelines and you can rest assured that we carry out all services as required by law. Losing your driving licence can be a major setback for many people; for example, it could negatively affect your ability to travel to and from work. Defending clients charged with motoring or road traffic offences is our primary goal, offering clear and comprehensive advice that is essential in your time of need.

We Specialise in Defending Drivers

A strong plea and high quality representation can make all the difference in court; from the moment of summons or arrest, Voicelegal’s road traffic solicitors are here to assist you!

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Road Traffic Solicitor, Southend

The certified solicitors here at Voicelegal specialise in defending drivers who have been charged with motoring offences in Southend.

Voicelegal Are The Experts!

shutterstock_271231631 (2)We will consider any case, ranging from speeding tickets and drunk driving convictions to driving bans and motor defects. Between them, our lawyers have
over 100 years of unparalleled experience and have achieved industry-wide recognition. We will work around the clock to deliver the best results possible and as our road traffic solicitors are contactable 24 hours a day, our customer service is second to none.

The Right Decision

penAs fully certified and independent solicitors, we guarantee 100% confidentiality for all of our clients, and high standards of service from start to
finish. Our expertise is considered to be the best in Southend and we always ensure that the right personnel are available to assist you. Voicelegal is a leading provincial law firm and we can assist with appeals, judicial review cases, written submission preparation and emergency advice at the police station after an arrest when help is needed urgently.

Friendly Advice When You Need It Most

helpEach case is assigned a specific solicitor who will personally work with you towards a positive solution, giving you the opportunity to keep in touch via email and telephone at all times. Whether you are a business or an individual in need of our services, our skilled lawyers are perfectly placed to
provide guidance. For court hearings, we will represent you and put forward a strong plea, making every effort to help you keep your driving licence, since we understand just how important this is. When you are facing potential disqualification or a prison sentence, it is important that you trust your solicitor will make all the right decisions and take the time to listen to your side of the story. Voicelegal’s road traffic solicitors adhere to strict confidential guidelines and carry out all work as required by law.
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Child Arrangements Orders Explained

We have a team of trained specialists working in our Children Department who do all that they can to help and offer guidance relating to all children matters. VoiceLegal is endorsed by the Law Society’s Children Panel Membership and we have experience acting for many people, including; parents, step parents, special guardians, grandparents, children and clients funded by the Local Authority. To arrange your free, hour-long initial meeting, call the experts here at VoiceLegal today.

Child Arrangements Order – Explained

A ‘Child Arrangements Order’ is a new term used for a Court Order, for what has in the past been known as access/contact/custody or residence.

‘Access’ and ‘Custody’ advice, in relation to children, is commonly sought in the event of a relationship or marriage breakdown. At times like this, it can be more difficult than ever to ensure that a child’s needs are being put first.

It is the view of the law that children have a right to maintain a relation with Child Arrangements Orderboth of their parents, and they recognise that this is in the child’s best interest. If however, the child is considered to be at risk, different arrangements can be made for their safety. In some cases, balancing these factors and making sure that the needs of individual children are met can be a difficult process.

VoiceLegal offer assistance with Court applications, representation and documentation: and/or with negotiations, to allow matters to progress as smoothly as possible.

We are here to help, and our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved, so for professional help in sorting arrangements for children, please get in touch.

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